Berlin - A Square, A Murder and A Famous Communist

The history of the Scheunenviertel

A square in the heart of Berlin, where gangsters, communists, Nazis, prostitutes and Jews once shared the same pavement. This place may appear unassuming – yet its streets have been walked by some of German history's most infamous characters and hold the secrets of the country's past.


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Documentary, Germany 2005,
52 minutes
Writer / Director: Britta Wauer
DOP: Kaspar Köpke
Editor: Berthold Baule
Sound: Garip Özdem
Music: Arne Eickenberg
Line Producer: Karsten Aurich
TV Editors: Christian Dezer, Selina Riefenstahl
Producer: Britta Wauer, Britzka Film
Broadcaster: ZDF/ARTE

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