Justice Now!

Ideas for a better world

One is born rich, the other dies early. One wins the lottery, the other hits a stroke of fate. From an early age, we all experience a world that is unjust and wrong. But how do we deal with it?


2007 Special Mention
Axel Springer Prize


This film was made for German television. There is no official DVD release. If you are interested in watching "Justice Now!", please write us an e-mail and ask for a screener. Unfortunately, there is only a German version available.


Documentary, Germany 2006,
45 minutes
Writer/Director: Britta Wauer
DOP: Kaspar Köpke
Editor: Ute Biedinger
Sound: Niklas Kammertöns
TV Editors: Barbara Lessel, Norbert Sommer
Broadcaster: Saarländischer Rundfunk/ARD

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